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ShangHai HaiXin Antistatic Production Co,.LTD, was founded in 1999. Company is specialized in producing and selling antistatic clothes, clean clothes, clean shoes and a series of cleaning products( such as hats, masks, gloves, shoe-cover, clean-wiper, etc.). Company had introduced advanced digital cutting machine tool. And developed clean-suit intelligent electronic monitoring system. Products are widely used in biological medicine, food, chemical industry, electronic communications, aerospace and other fields. Company provides professional solutions for cleanroom wearing.



How to maintain and maintain anti-static shoes?

Clean the workshop as long as the anti-static work clothes will be able to work once and for all?

Anti-static overalls should wear attention to which points?

Different styles of anti-static shoes are different?

Anti-static shoes should be how to wear, in fact, there are still a lot of stress


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