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Anti-static shoes should be how to wear, in fact, there are still a lot of stress
Date:2017-10-20    Source:Hai Xin

  Today, in a large number of concentrated electronic equipment production of large companies or enterprises which require their own production workshop has the highest standards, in order to reduce the static damage to the human body, basically will require all employees to wear uniform work shoes, anti-static Shoes have become a very like them a kind of shoes, because this kind of shoes can be static from the body of the body poured out of the earth, but also to eliminate the body's internal static, so that can effectively inhibit the body in the course of walking dust , Can make their own products produced by a better quality, but many people do not know if they have such a pair of shoes should be how to wear, in fact, he still has a lot of stress.

  From the current situation, anti-static shoes itself is to eliminate the existence of the body's static electricity, so in the process of wearing, he can effectively prevent some of the current below 250 volts, which is some of his own characteristics, if more than The current of 250 volts, basically can not control. But our home current is 240 volts, usually speaking, basically can meet the safety standards.

  Anti-static shoes suitable for the prevention of accidents due to the body caused by static electricity, including a lot of dangerous places, such as some oil sites, chemical dyes, coal, rubber products, medical equipment processing, electronic processing, air purification, Printing industry and so on.

  The whole product in the course of the process in order to ensure his effect, if you want to choose to wear anti-static shoes, then it must not wear thick socks, but can not wear wool socks, can not let their shoes have insoles children. Prohibit the use of such a shoe as an insulated shoe to use, he is still very different from the insulated shoes, and the performance of insulated shoes and all aspects are not as good as anti-static shoes.

  In the use of anti-static shoes in the process, we must ensure that some of the use of their place are all conductive ground, the use of such shoes in order to prevent the purpose of conduction, and there is no other purpose, that is to say if In peacetime, your workplace does not require a combination of anti-static, then you can not choose to wear such shoes.