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Different styles of anti-static shoes are different?
Date:2017-10-20    Source:Hai Xin

  Anti-static shoes as one of the electronics industry, protective equipment, has been welcomed by all enterprises, anti-static shoes are more and more styles, the market's anti-static shoes style Variety, but the function is the same, so true ? Amy static and everyone to look at the difference between anti-static shoes.

  Anti-static shoes according to the style can be divided into anti-static hole shoes, anti-static towels and anti-static high boots, these anti-static shoes have a good anti-static performance, but still some different anti- More comfortable, this shoe breathable and comfortable, more wear in the summer and autumn, but this anti-static shoes can not be used in cleanliness requirements of a clean clean clean area, because it can not be completely dust; In the anti-static shoes in the real shoes, it is not as good as the anti-static hole shoes, but the warmth is much higher than the anti-static hole shoes, anti-static cotton shoes is also in the anti-static shoes Based on the addition of cotton lining was made; anti-static high boots is in the low anti-static shoes on the basis of anti-static cloth with the cheese, mostly with anti-static conjoined suits used for higher levels Clean clean area.

  So, different styles of anti-static shoes or there is a difference between the purchase of anti-static shoes must be based on their own industry needs and special requirements to decide, in the end is what kind of anti-static shoes, with anti-static shoes Manufacturers to communicate when custom must also be clear that they need the requirements of shoes, taboo, so as to avoid accidents.