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Anti-static overalls should wear attention to which points?
Date:2017-10-20    Source:Hai Xin

  Anti-static overalls as a functional protective clothing, wearing a certain must have different requirements, we share under the anti-static overalls need to wear what precautions, teach you how to wear? Especially for the early use of anti-static overalls of friends is Very useful.

  One, wear tight

  Wear anti-static overalls to be careful when the whole clothes to cover up, a trace of leak, work, be careful not to leak out their clothes, otherwise it will damage the product.

  Second, the requirements of accessories

  Wear anti-static work clothes in the workshop, it is strictly forbidden to wear any metal parts on the clothes, so as to avoid the distribution of charge instability, metal parts should be placed in anti-static work clothes, can not be exposed outside.

  Third, the provisions of the region

  Anti-static uniforms should be placed in the designated area, is strictly prohibited in the workplace wear off work clothes, overalls zipper or buttons to keep locked state, can not be open.

  Third, the washing requirements

  Anti-static work clothes Wash should use neutral detergent, simple and soft wash, do not go through a strong or chemical nature of the washing, will affect the quality of anti-static work clothes and effects. Anti-static work clothes at least once a week, if you want to require a higher workshop environment, the number of washing more frequently.

  Four service life

  Anti-static clothing is a service life, and this fabric, whether through regular maintenance and washing have a great relationship, good quality anti-static work clothes can wash about 400 times, use a longer time, cost savings. Anti-static work after taking a period of time, should be regularly tested, if the function should be replaced in a timely manner.

  Anti-static overalls wearing a clear request, used in the designated area, to wear tight, can not be equipped with a metal pendant, pay attention to the way washing and testing replacement. Buy anti-static overalls should be to the regular manufacturers, the production of qualified and perfect quality assurance system, so as to achieve the use of its original intention to use, to ensure the safety of your products.