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Clean the workshop as long as the anti-static work clothes will be able to work once and for all?
Date:2017-10-20    Source:Hai Xin

  Electronic processing enterprises, semiconductor factory to do a lot of anti-static protective measures, electrostatic accidents still exist, the wrong way to use anti-static products is one of the causes of the accident, not wearing anti-static overalls can be achieved to eliminate anti-static effect. Based on years of understanding of customer production site to find the problem, summed up the wrong way to use or electrostatic protection errors.

  1, anti-static elimination equipment has not been tested for long-term requirements, and some do not have to eliminate the static function is still in use, such as ion fan, ion needle surface has been full of dust, can not produce ion wind, such ions The fan has lost the function of eliminating static electricity.

  2, the wrong use of anti-static tools, such as: improper use of wrist band, anti-static wrist strap must be in close contact with the human body. Wrist strap because it is easier to damage, so every day to detect, a good wrist strap will be too loose because the workers wear and not conductive, so the best way is to use the wrist strap on-line monitor real-time monitoring. But there are many companies even wristband tester are not, an anti-static wrist strap used for many years (GB asked half a year to replace), this is not play the effect of static electricity.

  3, anti-static shoes, anti-static clothing did not wear at the same time, in addition to wearing anti-static shoes, but also supporting the use of anti-static clothing to better control the human body static. Because the clothing in the process of friction can also bring a high static, especially now most of the clothing are chemical fiber, can produce thousands of thousands of volts of static electricity.

  Production site testing proved that the operating workers only put on anti-static overalls, but do not wear anti-static shoes and not a good anti-static ground, anti-static effect can not be achieved, we can see anti-static measures are multi-directional to achieve results.