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How to maintain and maintain anti-static shoes?
Date:2017-10-20    Source:Hai Xin

  We all know that the car after maintenance and maintenance can increase the service life and performance, eliminate security risks. The same anti-static shoes. Anti-static shoes with anti-static material PU or PVC material production soles, soles with anti-static anti-skid materials, both sweat and deodorant, but also to achieve non-slip, anti-static and other functions, and the upper one molding, and then on-line reinforcement, it can be static From the human body to the earth, so as to eliminate the human body static, but also effectively inhibit the personnel in the clean room to move the dust generated. So how to maintain and maintain anti-static shoes? Let Xiaobian to tell you:

  1, regular safety shoes maintenance, cleaning, oil, keep the skin soft and moist.

  2, after cleaning the anti-static shoes must not be able to quickly drying, away from the fire, avoid the use of heating or open flame drying, the formation of a simple safety shoes and open plastic.

  3, pay attention to clean the way, not long-term soaking, soaking time shall not exceed 2 hours.

  4, do not wear the same pair of long-term anti-static shoes, the best pair of pairs of wear, can be useful to reduce the same pair of short-term bending shoes to prevent the bending frequency is too high to open the plastic.

  5, such as long-term do not wear, should first safety shoes clean, placed in a cool place to prevent the release of mildew. The best use of filler in the shoe hold up to prevent deformation.

  6, of course, the use of anti-static shoes at the same time should be used with anti-static clothing, anti-static gloves and clean cloth and other products will use more effect, if the enterprise has the ability to install ion fan effect will be more.